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Who we are:


Art Movement (AM) , is a non – profit nongovernmental company focused on providing educational activities, support of civil initiatives in the area of culture and arts with the emphasis on the implementation of quality Czech and foreign international or domestic projects, and awareness of Czech society on the issue of exclusion of the mentally ill in the Czech Republic. The means to achieve these goals are cultural, educational and information projects.

AM has established collaborations with research institutes, universities, art centers and various NGO´s as well as individuals across the whole of Europe and beyond. Based in Prague, Czech Republic. AM systematically introduces to the public current trends and research methods and results in cultural history, particularly in relation to sociology, political science and cultural anthropology. Discussions about the importance of culture and civic society in the EU environment. Many activities have strong culture-educational aspect: training sessions, workshops, exhibitions, performances and films. AM is run by a three-member Board. The Board's decisions are carried out by the Chairman or Deputy Chairman .





  • Exhibition David Cronenberg - Evolution (2016)


  • Exhibition Tim Burton and his world (2014)


  • Workshops/exhibition/films - international project Civic Minds (2012)


  • Retrospective exhibition of the group of czech-slovak surrealists with international guests, Staroměstská radnice, Praha 1 (2012)


  • Exhibition HR Giger: Mimodobro (2005)





  • Dramaturgy of the Czech films for international festivals (1999 - present):


  • Citizen Havel


  • Return of the Idiot


  • Parallel Worlds


  • Year of the Devil


  • Wrong Side Up


  • Champions


  • Carnival of the Animals


  • The Romany King


  • Chacipe


  • Vierka

and others


  • International Film Festival Karlovy Vary


  • Prague International Film Festival


  • Wonderfull Years Without the Curtain – series of documentary films


  • AICP Show – The Art of 30 seconds


  • Prague Studios




  • Euroconnection (1997, 1998)


Theatre and Dance 

  •  Personal History (2009)


Multicultural projects


  • Prague – European City of the Culture for the Year 2000 (1999 – 2001)


  • Parallel Experiences 2010


Experimental Spaces


  • Studio Gag Borise Hybnera


Social Events


  • 90th Birthday Celebation of Thomas Bata


  • The Prague Stock Exchange Ball