The Elements of soul exhibition is is the testimony of 26 people with experience with mental illness. The artistic  activities  will bring the world closer, where even the soul sometimes hurts.


Elements / elements – water, air, earth, fire, metal, stone, ether, fauna, flora – these and other “elements” metaphorically represent a different state of the soul, and here are the first examples of how it is perceived by our participants – the creators of the project.

ARTISTS and samples of their works

40 artists and photographers applied for the open call for the ELEMENTS exhibition.

You can see their selection on large-format prints in selected public spaces, located in  Prague, Liberec, Mladá Boleslav, Nový Jičín, Kladno, Jičín, and in autumn 2022 also in Oslo, Norway.

 / artworks by T. Vaněk. O. Kotinský, Š. Jislová, T. Kotek, V. Handzelová, R. Zábojová /

OUTPUTS:  The Elementes catalogue download in pdf here. 

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