Civic minds

Realized with the support of the Europe for Citizens of the European Union, Visegrad Fund, Ministry of Culture Czech republic and the Prague City Hall


Auspicy, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Mr. Karel Schwarzenberg


International Traveling Project

Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Krakow 2012

Project introduction

What are we? Who are we? What shapes our emotions and attitudes in today’s confusing times? How do we express our contemporary society? What are the values we stand for?

The Civic Minds project goes to the heart of this – people and their emotions. It’s object, within its four country circle, is to portray basic human emotions – fear, anger, joy, sadness, disgust, surprise… It also aspires to provoke reactions in people, awaken questions, offer an opportunity for someone to realize, at least for a moment, their self and their environment and to confront it all.

The Civic Minds Project is a traveling project, which consists of animation workshops, photo exhibitions and film screenings. The project has received support from the EU’s Europe for Citizens initiative and is prepared in cooperation with international partners.
Civic Minds visits the following cities for 14 days each and is completely free for all visitors:

  • Prague 23.5. – 5.6. 2012
  • Bratislava 5.9. – 18.9. 2012
  • Vienna 20.9. – 3.10. 2012
  • Krakow 11.10. – 24.10. 2012

About the project


  • short animated film as a means of rendering emotion is ideal- it can capture both the concrete and the abstract. The participant can stimulate his imagination and apply his own skills.  The result is internationally understood,
  • the workshop is led by professional instructors who have experience both in teaching and creating animated film,


  • participants will discover all aspects of the animation process, meeting with a professional film production during the procedure (includes: preparation of the story, screenplay, technical scenario, the actual filming, editing, post-production).  They will learn of the different technologies that can be applied during shooting animated films (e.g., hand-drawn, cut-out, plasticine, pixilation puppet animation, etc.),
  • based on their discoveries, participants will then be able to apply their own creative vision, using any or all of the different animation techniques they’ve learned, to make a short animated film of their own,
  • the workshops in each city will last a total of 3 days,
  • the workshops are designed for multiple target groups: adults, children, the handicapped, different people from different social backgrounds are all welcome.
  • finished films will be procesed and placed on the website of the project.



The exhibition looks inside and outside, mirroring life, and this confrontation between the inner and outer leads to reflection. Photography has the ability to stop time, and the photographer’s vision is sharp, stark, but also empathetic, revealing our emotions with a sensitive understanding yet without moralizing or requiring an answer. Photography can be funny yet serious; it reveals the face of the contemporary world, lifts off its mask, so that under it one can discover the humanity.

  • The exhibition will present large photographs depicting human emotions – fear, anger, joy, sadness, disgust, surprise.
  • The theme of this exhibition is the observation of human emotions through the lens of the camera.
  • The exhibition is produced in collaboration with the Academy of Arts.
  • Various European artists are involved in creating the set of photographs.


  • A selection of short films curated in collaboration with domestic and international film festivals.
  • Again, the central theme will be that of human emotions—this time, as they are imaged and evoked.
  • Films of the previous workshop´s participants will be offered – for inspiration and to stimulate comparison.
  • Screenings will be done in the same space as the exhibition.

Target groups

The main objectives of CIVIC MINDS PROJECT:

  • promoting intercultural dialogue through the most basic of what people have in common: human emotions,
  • developing creativity, invention and imagination,
  • capturing cultural diversity in selected countries and emphasizing its connections in a single project through three different cultural activities,
  • presenting films to the general public, with an emphasis placed on the youth generation (15 – 30 years of age),
  • involving as many different participants as possible: children, teenagers, university students, general public, handicapped,
  • supporting the development of creativity in people with disabilities, integrating them into an international cultural project in which the can participate equally with non-handicapped persons,
  • providing an opportunity for all participants from whatever walk of life, to compare their work to their establish contact with others through this project.

Auspices and partnership


Patronage to the Civic Minds project provided so far:

Karel Schwarzenberg, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Civic Minds is created in collaboration with the following organizations:

Civic Minds is created in cooperation with foreign partners:


Fundacja Magazyn Kultury, ul. Józefa 17 (Kolanko No 6), Krakov: 11. – 24.10.2012




Galerie am Park, Leniengasse 2a, 1060 Wien: 01.10. – 07.10 2012

Kulturdrogerie, Gentzgasse 86-88, 1180 Wien: 08.10 – 14.10.2012


The Opening Ceremony of the Inernational Travelling Project Civic Minds in Wien was held on 02.10.2012




The project Civic Minds in Bratislava is at the end.


We thank very much to all visitors for their support and we look forward to the continuation of the project, this time in October in Wien!

Danube Cultural House 5.9. – 18.9. 2012

Opening ceremony of the travelling international project Civic Minds in Bratislava took place Danube Cultural House on 5th of September, 2012.


The Civic Minds project in Prague´s U Prstenu Gallery is almost at the end.

We thank very much to all visitors for their support and we look forward to the continuation of the project.

The Opening Ceremony of the Inernational Travelling Project Civic Minds was held on 23.5.2012 (U Prstenu Gallery, Prague 1).


Opening Ceremony video:

Organizers and contacts:

Civic Minds is organized by Art Movement NGO, whose main purpose is to support and promote culture and art in all its spheres, with an emphasis on creating quality Czech and foreign projects which have an opportunity to reach international participants.

Art Movement, o.s.

Osadní 1466/5

170 00 Praha 7

Co-organizer of the project is Anifilm, an independent company responsible for the organization of the International Animated Film Festival in Trebon and dedicated to producing its own films, discovering new talents and developing original ideas for production and distribution.

Anifilm s.r.o.

Valdštejnské náměstí 2

11801, Praha 1









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