Soul´s secrets II. – Ukraine


Promoting social cohesion and friendly coexistence

Ukrainian refugees and other residents of HMHP

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The project contributes to the integration of children and youth from Ukraine into the new conditions of life in the Czech Republic through three basic project activities.

It promotes their integration and orientation in Czech society, helps them to fill their free time in a meaningful way and, on the contrary, provides the majority society with an insight into the life of Ukrainian children and youth;

It builds on the previous project, called Dušetaje, which was more broadly focused – on pupils and students with different mother tongues, hereinafter referred to as DMT – i.e. not only on Ukrainian pupils but also on other minorities represented in society.

We have experience of working with DMT since 11/2021 and we implement them continuously.

The aim of the project is to integrate children and young people from Ukraine into Czech society through meaningful leisure time together with Czech peers and by offering activation programmes to promote mutual understanding. The project focuses on youth from Ukraine aged primarily 6 – 15, and up to 26 years secondarily.

The project, which runs all year round, has 3 main activities:

 1)    Centrum Tusarka 26

Monday – Friday, afternoon program / after school /

a)     Education of children and youth from Ukraine / primary 6 – 15 years, secondary up to 26 years; Tutoring – Czech and mathematics / possibly other subjects in case of interest, so far the greatest interest in Czech language.

Leisure activities – animation workshops, art workshops and yoga

This activity is community oriented, it is not intended exclusively for children from Ukraine, but is aimed at supporting the integration of children from UA into Czech society. Mutual getting to know each other children. It also contributes to improving the conditions for the use of free time – children and young people acquire new skills, work individually and in teams and thus create their common space with the support of our tutors.

2)    Workshops to support integration of Ukraine kids into the czech society

The content of the workshops are role plays, the individual roles and their cast will be selected in cooperation with the teachers – each workshop will be tailored to a specific class – group of children, their age-appropriate knowledge and their social microclimate.

3)    Accompanying educational audiovisual material on the life of children from Ukraine and examples of prominent personalities who went through a similar situation as today’s Ukrainians.

All activities are provided free of charge to the participants to enable a sufficiently broad participation of the target group from all walks of life.


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