A game of four elements

The four actors on the stage tell stories inspired by their own experiences of mental illness with tenderness and humor. The theater project was created by combining Art Movement and the theatrical ensemble Psycheche. Performance length – 50 minutes.

Sometimes I feel calm and happy. But other times, restlessness flows through me.
I’m drowning in thoughts. My voices burn me. The sadness crushes me.  What will save me?

Director: Monika Kaššaiová

Dramaturgy and video: Klára Jakubová

Music: Jana Steidl Kindernayová

Movement collaboration: Kateřina Coufalová

Scenography: Kristýna Khínová

Starring: Lucie Válová, Šárka Daniela Kutinová, Petr Grill, Lukáš Vaňura

In collaboration with: Jitka Neumannová, Karolína Langová, Kamila Veselá Eliášová,

Romana Jarošová, Michaela Všetečková

MOVEMENENT WORKSHOPS take the work of actors to a news level of body perception. 
The workshop was focused on deepening the control and perception of the spine, which is the center and pillar of our movement. 

Theatrical rehearsal video:

Our philosophy is based on joint creative work in the spirit of current theater trends. We are not interpreters of classical texts. On the contrary, we prefer authentic creation, improvisation, working with associations, with movement. We often start from the present moment. Each participant brings his personality, his experience, his mood to the creation and to the space. We react to each other and share together our stories from which we draw. Thus, creation is at the same time a form of therapy, because it allows us to look at our experiences from another perspective, or through the eyes of another. Feedback is important in this process. At the same time, we avoid evaluation.

The theoretical framework of our work places us in the Czech environment among alternative forms of theater of the 21st century. We combine movement, improvisation, and association procedures, from which a fixed structure and scenario is subsequently created. From the point of view of acting, we avoid experiential methods, on the contrary, we work with abbreviations, symbolism, minimal textuality.

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