The project has interdisciplinary character and consists of an exhibition and series of follow-up workshops and lectures ( PRG, Oslo). The project will take place in CZ and NO. An essential part of the exhibition is the influence of Czech animated production on Norwegian and back new directions in NO animation as a source of inspiration for CZ animation. The world of creation and fantasy is the main motto.

ICANA project represents bilateral coproduction program between Art Movement and Culture Break Borders. Cooperation with the CBB adds value to the exhibition by enabling Norwegian artists and the Norwegian audience to present an extensive presentation of Czech animated works and its reflection among local artists and the audience. Although Czech animation is referred to as one of our showcases, few people actually know what animation is and how it works. We aim to arouse interest in animation as such – not only in artworks, films, but also in the process of their creation. We will show animation as the magic of reviving the inanimate, a wonderful illusion created by combining many static images alternating in succession with cosmic speed into a single living whole, which the viewer perceives as a story. It combines pure imagination with technology and craftsmanship. Even an ordinary pencil and paper, or even a mere pile of sand, can be a tool for the creators of new universes in called hands.

The project is designed primarily for students, families with children, but also for people with a deeper interest in animation. We make no differences in our audience (race, religious, gender etc.) Everyone has access without distinction, but we want to offer the disadvantaged group, minorities, whether mentally, disabled or members of other ethnic groups (including Roma), the opportunity to actively participate and not have to pay entrance fees. We will address the offer to special schools and non-profit organizations that deal with those  groups of citizens.

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