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The PARALLEL LIVES II.project aims to improve the quality of life for people with mental diseases in the Czech Republic through the implementation of systematic education, training and publicity. The goal is to destigmatise persons with chronic mental illness. The project develops and builds on the results of the work in previous successful project Parallel Lives.

Motto: „Stigmatizing campaign for the protection of the society against the mentally ill is shameful and primitive. On the contrary, it´s necessary to integrate them into the society.” (Cyril Höschl, one of the czech´s  leading psychiatrists).

Therefore, in PARALLEL LIVES II., we have focused on the topic spreading not only among doctors, medical staff and other experts, but also among other related stakeholders like non-profit organizations, representatives of cities, government, people with chronic mental illness and the public. The innovation is also targeting at children and young people (12 – 25) in order to build and expand awareness of the issues in an attractive way amongst this target group.

PARALLEL LIVES II are divided into several interconnected activities:

1. campaign materials preparation

2. regional workshops realization, part of the programme is the documentary movie Parallel lives projection and expert discussion on mental illness

3. a competition announcement of the comics story interpretation (project web and related social media)

4. evaluation of the campaign by the Norwegian partner, destigmatisation campaign impact assessment.

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences       




Includes communication and destigmatization campaign´s evaluation rules, best practice and  project activities efectiveness analysis (in english). Download here


The 7th Parallel Lives II project´s workshop theme will be the portability of foreign knowledges on the psychiatric care reform to the nowadays Czech republic conditions. This last workshop will be held on Thursday, the 28 of January, 2016 (12.45 pm.), place of the venue: Psychosociální centrum Přerov (nám. Přerovského povstání 1).  Even on the 7th workshop you have a chance to see the documentary movie Paralell Lives. Looking forward to your participation !

This time we will visit Mělník for the the sixth workshop of Parallel Lives II, which will be held in the assembly hall of the Municipal hall (nám. Míru 51/18). To discuss the current situation of the psychiatric care transformation we will meet on Thurdsay, the 3rd of December, 2015 (1 to 6 pm.). As always, part of the workshop will be the documentary movie Paralell Lives screenings. This event is again being prepared in cooperation with Fokus Praha, o.s.

Preparation of the Mental health centers in the context of the current situation in psychiatric care transformation – that is the theme of the fifth workshop, which is organized in cooperation with Fokus Praha, o.s. Date: Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 (10 am. – 4 pm.), venue: Jůnův statek (Sedlec 9, Prague – East). Among the invited guests are representatives of the Strategic Office of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. Come and share your experiences and gain the inspiration!

Another workshop of Parallel Lives II. will be held on Wednesday, 11th of November, 2015 and starts at 9 am. Venue: Frýdek-Místek, (penzion U Křivého psa, Slezská 1079). Guest: former peer consultant (Zahrada 2000 – center of social rehabilitation) PhDr. Světlana Soldánová. The fourth workshop is organized in collaboration with the social rehabilitation section of Terénní služba ZOOM (Charita Frýdek – Místek).

You are cordially invited to attend the third workshop on Sunday, 11th of October, 2015 (2 pm.). Venue: café Modrý domeček (social enterprise of ngo o.s.Náruč), nám. Krále Jiřího z Poděbrad 3 in Řevnice. We are pleased that our invitation was accepted by representatives of persons who are struggling with the effects of mental illness and may contribute to the discussion on the destigmatization that will follow after the screening Parallel Lives documentary film. The workshop is part of the CrazyFilmFest first year. The main goal of this inspiring project is to breaking down the prejudices, faced by the person with mental diseases.

The second workshop of the project Parallel Lives II. with the screening of a documentary film, will be held in Plzeň at this year’s Days of mental health. On Sunday, 4th of October, 2015 (3.30 pm.) we invite you to a cultural space Moving Station – Jižní předměstí railway station, Ivan Magor Jirous 2 bridge, Plzeň.
Festival Days for Mental Health 2015 is designed for the general public and that is why we this time invited experts from the field of psychiatry, who are ready to answer your questions on mental health in the ensuing discussion.

We´d like to invite you to the first workshop of the project Parallel Lives II., which will be held on Wednesday,      23rd of September, 2015 (2 – 5 pm.). Venue: the Municipal Library (Alšovo nám. 85/14), Písek. You can expect an inspiring lecture on mental health, screening of documentary film Parallel Lives and expert discussion on current issues of destigmatization and deinstitutionalization of care for people with mental illness. To the discussion are invited municipal representatives, doctors, NGOs, persons with chronic mental illness and the general public. We are looking forward to your participation !

The conditions of the participation were announced on 6th of November, 2015 at the Parallel Lives and related social networks (see below).

All registered participants comics were after the competition´s end handed over  to the evaluation committee, which selected the best 6 (without specifying the order). Winners were informed by e-mail about their prize:           a free ticket for one person to the film exhibition David Cronenberg Evolution, as well as an information brochure and poster for this exhibition. The prize winners will be able to pick up from 1st of April, 2016 until the end of the exhibition at the checkout after reporting the winner name. The exhibition is held in the Stone Bell House on the Old Town Square in Prague to 17th of  July, 2016. Congratulations to all the winners!

See all the winners (in czech only):
Winner 1 – Urbánková Monika, winner 2 – Vendula Slívová, winner 3 – Janas Zborovská, winner 4 – Karel Čábel, winner 5 – Šárka Malošíková, winner 6 – Martin Král


Join to our contest for the Galina Miklínová comics story ! The theme is to encourage the integration of people with mental illness into mainstream society and was created as a part of the Parallel Lives II. project.

Conditions of the participation: in terms of these conditions can participate anyone, who will submit his/her version of the comics story to the contacts listed below by the end of March 2016, along with contacts              (name, address, or email/telephone).


DEADLINE: 31st of March, 2016. After evaluating of all contestants, we will announce the top 5 authors – winners, who can look forward to exciting prizes! Their concept of the comics story will be also published on our website. For current information, check our website and social networks.

Contacts: e-mail:,
address: Art Movement, o.s., Bubenská 1/1477, 170 00 Praha 7.

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