Beginnings II.

The Forefathers of Film

It is said that in the 1870s two horse race aficionados made a bet whether a horse lifted all four legs off the ground anytime during the gallop. They hired photographer Edward Muybridge to see who was right. Using multiple cameras arranged in a row, Muybridge was the first photographer to capture a horse in motion through a sequence of images, laying the foundation for the invention of film.

In 1892, the Lumière brothers were able to present their own invention  ̶  kinematograph  ̶  due in no small measure to Muybridge’s invention. And the invention of kinematograph launched a great development of cinema, including animated film.


Let’s embark on a journey of discovery with the forefathers of animation and the forefathers of cinema to find out more about the development set in motion by their inventions.